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Welcome to Collective Marketing

One platform to source, publish, and measure world-class marketing content.



A Powerful Content Engine

Winning the attention of today’s consumers requires a new approach. Modern buyers have become much more fluid, iterative, and dynamic. They traverse multiple touchpoints and no longer move along a straightforward continuum.

This makes it difficult to reach them at the precise point in their journey, the point when they are open to influence, with timely and relevant content. The Mobibi content engine solves this challenge.



Creators Who Build Brands

Access a wealth of new ideas and user-generated content with a large and diverse team of Creators. Mobibi enables Creators (employees, influencers, freelancers) to collaborate and deliver brand content in a secure cloud-based platform.

With Mobibi, you can build and manage a talented team. From writers to social influencers – Creators are the new brand builders.


Search. Social. Content.

The Mobibi Hub combines the power of automation with SEO to seamlessly amplify content visibility and connect with customers across all channels and devices, including Search.

Easily extend the reach of your content and capture more search traffic. The Mobibi Hub helps you surface the ideal content at the optimal moment – the moment the customer is open to influence.


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


Connect Accounts

Connect your profiles – social, blogs, and youtube – with a few clicks.


Add Creators

Invite team members, vendors, and freelancers to your team.


Publish Posts

Review content, pick the day and time to publish, and click approve.