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Unleash the power of your employees

Mobibi makes it easy for employees to create engaging brand content and share important company news.


Instant access to a powerful content engine

Winning the attention of today’s consumers requires a new approach. Modern buyers have become much more fluid, iterative, and dynamic. They traverse multiple touchpoints and no longer move along a straightforward continuum.

This makes it difficult to reach them at the precise point in their journey, the point when they are open to influence, with timely and relevant content. Mobibi solves this challenge.


Authentic and engaging content from those who know you best

Access a wealth of new ideas and user-generated content with a large and diverse team of Creators. Mobibi enables Creators to participate and deliver fresh content in a secure cloud-based platform.

With Mobibi, you can build and manage a talented team. From writers to social influencers – Creators are the new brand builders.


Higher employee engagement and retention

Successful advocate strategies require participation and with Mobibi’s gamified experience users can see how they stack up with teammates, see who is performing the best, and focus on improving their position on the leaderboard.

It’s exciting, fresh, and highly engaging. Add perks such as gift cards or small prizes to see even greater results. You get great content and an engaged and excited team. It’s a win-win.

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